Mobile app from „Fahr Mit“

The “Fahr mit” App enables drivers and passengers to connect quickly and easily.

The App is available for Android and Apple iOS users. If you type „fahr mit“, you´ll find it in the Play Store or App Store.




Goals of the app:

The „Fahr mit“ app aims to support spontaneous ride shares in Wittmund county. It can be used to look for a ride as well as to offer one.
If, for example, a person is looking for a ride, he can request it with the app. Every registered driver gets the request on his cell phone and can confirm it.

Everyone who wants to move, occasionally or regularly, within the network of the “Fahr mit” stops, and who wants to actively use the ride sharing system for that.

Everyone who drives within the network of the “Fahr mit” stops and who is willing to offer a seat by using the app to other persons in need.